Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Knitting, Fall Challenge and a Busy Week

September has been a pretty eventful month - starting the blog, sewing 3 out of 5 of my Fall Palette Challenge items, and starting the knitting project above!

We are having our semi-annual sales meeting at work. So, I have been very busy with things unrelated to sewing!

I will be starting on the Jasmine Blouse for the Fall Challenge over the weekend. I have a pretty star patterned voile that I am going to use. And of course I'll be starting the final item, Clover pants mid next week when the sew-along begins in a cream courdoroy!

For now I have been very lazily working on an ice blue silk georgette Pendrell. It is going to be gorgeous - and I can't wait to blog about the experience of sewing with this fabric.

I have also been knitting! I first started knitting when I was a pre-teen. I remember knitting colorful booties to wear around the house by my early teens I really wasn't knitting anything anymore. So, this really isn't my first project, but my first project back. This time I am determined to learn how to cast on (something I never did for myself previously) and hopefully gain enough experience to make a lovely owl sweater I saw while looking at everyone else's plans for the Fall Challenge.

Do you knit and sew? It seems like the two go hand in hand!


  1. I knit and sew too! I find knitting is perfect for those evening when you're too tired to sew and just want to sit in a comfy armchair and do nothing. But I can knit while sitting in my comfy chair and feel productive while being a teeny bit lazy :) It's just starting to get chilly here, so all the hats/gloves/scarves that I knitted during the summer can finally get worn! :)
    Happy knitting! (and sewing!)
    Ashley x

  2. Oh yes I love to knit but do not crochet. I am planning on the Jasmine blouse as well for the challenge. Excited to get started on it.