Thursday, February 21, 2013


Pattern: Colette Patterns – Macaron

Fabric: Rosey, Cotton Gauze with white polka dots & Off-White cotton for contrast purchased from Hart’s fabric

Styled with: Shoes: Just Fab

Wear Again: You bet!

This was the second pattern from Colette’s that I ever remember seeing and immediately I wanted to make it! I am not sure why it took me so long to act on the urge except besides straight copying the white/blue sample from Colette’s I had a hard time finding fabric that I wanted to pair together.

However, when both Hart’s and Sew Colette 2.0 picked the same pattern for a sew-along in the same month – I had to get in on that and finally choose some fabric. Being the talented slacker that I am – I missed the deadline and this did not actually get sewn up until last month.

This is the perfect dress for work and I am sure I’ll make another in the near future.

Pattern Review:  I have to tell you there are a few moments when constructing this dress that I seriously thought to myself that this pattern and set of instructions were pure genius! (The pockets and sleeves for instance) and at least one instance (once again the pockets) that I was extremely nervous that I was reading the instructions correctly.

I did have an issue with the fit of the sleeves, but I am sure that is probably me and something I should have adjusted for – I am just not sure what and my Google searches were of no help. Basically when I put the bodice on the sleeve area was too tight to then pull the dress back up over my head without secondary party (read: husband) assisting me out of the dress. The funniest part about this issue is that I could get the dress on just fine on my own and that it felt and looked comfortable – it just didn’t want to come off. I finally went in and surged again around the armholes this time as close to the regular line of stitching as I could without going over it in hopes that I would open up the area some. This actually works and I can finally get the dress over my head on my own. Has anyone heard of this type of fit issue and what is it called?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Red Quilt

I still haven't finished my Craftsy BOM quilt, but I did find time to piece together patchwork style some 6" charm packs from Kaffe Fassett's Fire collection.  I thought these fabrics were so bold and beautiful that they could pretty much stand on their own and the simple pattern would allow them to POP!

This is probably the simplest type of quilt that you can put together.  I literally just showed the little square together with a quarter inch seam in rows.  I did use a guide I found on the internet that told me how many charm packs would equal the size quilt that I wanted. For the "quilting" portion of the quilt I did little tie tacks embroider on the corners of each square.

This quilt is a full size quilt without any overhang. It is almost perfect for just snuggling-up on the couch which was the main intention behind the quilt. To be perfect I would have liked it to be just a little wider.

For the back of the quilt I chose this cabbage and rose print from the same collection.  I wanted the back of the quilt to stand out just as much as the front in this particular case.

I included this picture so hopefull you could see the litte tie tacks.  I alternated between a pink and a red that I thought fit with the theme of the quilt.

For a first quilt - this was perfect!  Now I am looking forward to piecing together something a bit more complicated.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Black Lily

Pattern: Colette Patterns – Lily

Fabric: Black Cotton Pique purchased from Denver Fabric

Styled with: Shoes: Poetic License purchased from Modcloth
Wear Again: YES! YES! YES! Maybe even make again!

This is actually my second version of the Lily dress. I made the first version a Lavender color during the Spring Palette Challenge 2012. However, I never really got around to taking pictures of it – even though I wear it quite frequently.

This version is no exception – and currently on high rotation in my closet! I love that I can pair it with everything and it is casual enough for work (when paired with a cardigan) but dressy enough for a date night out with my husband.

Pattern Review: While there are more pattern pieces than most beginner/easy patterns that is really the most time consuming or difficult thing about this pattern. The construction is straightforward and simple. I only needed my basic usual adjustments which was grading from a smaller size to a larger size and the fit is flattering and comfortable.

I could see this made up in a myriad of delightful colors! I am thinking of making a version with pocket and collar flap contrast as my next version. But first back to my goal of finishing the projects sitting in my wine crate….

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Update and other miscellaneous Information

First, I wanted to let all of you know that Corina of Geminae, previously Reverse Clothing has decided to focus on something else for the time being and because of that is hosting giveaways every Wednesday with a winner announced every Friday while seh depletes the remaining items from her clothing line/store.

I bet you are wondering if I have dropped off the face of the planet for another four months.  The answer is - no!  I have been busy sewing up a storm and have many new things to show you.

However, as part of my realization that I spent much of last year too stressed out to do much sewing and for some reason too stressed out to take care of myself, I have started a daily routine to ensure that certain things are accomplished.  I am already feeling like a healthier, happier version of myself! 

I still have some catching up to do in many areas and have been focusing on that, but I will be back to posting very soon.  I actually can't wait to share a few things that I have made and some other sewing news of mine!