Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Red Quilt

I still haven't finished my Craftsy BOM quilt, but I did find time to piece together patchwork style some 6" charm packs from Kaffe Fassett's Fire collection.  I thought these fabrics were so bold and beautiful that they could pretty much stand on their own and the simple pattern would allow them to POP!

This is probably the simplest type of quilt that you can put together.  I literally just showed the little square together with a quarter inch seam in rows.  I did use a guide I found on the internet that told me how many charm packs would equal the size quilt that I wanted. For the "quilting" portion of the quilt I did little tie tacks embroider on the corners of each square.

This quilt is a full size quilt without any overhang. It is almost perfect for just snuggling-up on the couch which was the main intention behind the quilt. To be perfect I would have liked it to be just a little wider.

For the back of the quilt I chose this cabbage and rose print from the same collection.  I wanted the back of the quilt to stand out just as much as the front in this particular case.

I included this picture so hopefull you could see the litte tie tacks.  I alternated between a pink and a red that I thought fit with the theme of the quilt.

For a first quilt - this was perfect!  Now I am looking forward to piecing together something a bit more complicated.


  1. I so want to make a quilt! So many things I want to do so little time. :(

  2. This one was so simple I really just sewed a little on it a couple nights and was done with the top. But I understand exactly what you are saying - my project list/ideas seems to be a mile long.