Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Challenge Garment #2 - The Emma Pillsbury Orange Skirt

Pattern: Simplicity 2315 Version C
Fabric: Orange Suiting (primarily linen hence the wrinkles)
Styled with: Beige Heels from JustFab and Idee Fixe top from Modcloth, scarf and cardigan unknown.

Wow! My second completed item for the Fall Palette Challenge! My new orange skirt with bow inspired by Emma Pillsbury in Glee. To really get the effect I was going for I probably should have chosen a pattern without front pleats and with a more structured bow. However, I love the color of this skirt and the pencil skirt is roomier than I initially expected (I am sure I have the bit of stretch in the fabric coupled with the back vent to thank for that).
I changed a few things up during the construction of this version - I used French Seams rather than my sewing machine's overlock stitch and serged the seams/unfinished edges on the back vent.
I see this being my go-to skirt of the season! I also plan on pairing it with a cream Jasmine (from Colette patterns) blouse and seeing if I can pull of a true Emma Pillsbury outfit double bows and all!

Next up for the Fall Palette Challenge is the Yellow Peony dress from Colette Patterns! The new Fall patterns have shipped and are on their way! I am very excited to make this dress! I have plans to make two different versions of the removal cumberbund style belt one using the original yellow fabric and another out of a chocolate silk (incase the intense yellow is just too much).
Colette Patterns also announced a Clover pants sew-along starting in October. If you remember from my mood board post this was the one item that really had me intimidated and I was willing to drop if the going got tough. With the sew-along I am pretty confident my fall challenge will be stamped Mission Accomplished.
In the meantime, while I wait for the rest of my challenge patterns to arrive I am taking a break and sewing up some Fall/Winter Pajama bottoms for the Mr., which he has promised to model for the blog!


  1. Wow, you are sailing along! I am feeling so left behind as life has interfered with my sewing, but it thrills me to see you making progress and planning on the sew along, that's great!

    Keep it up:)

  2. I agree, you are doing great! This is really cute, very fresh & sophisticated, especially with the scarf. :) Love that accent. I'm so impressed with all the cool details you are sewing, like I love the belt/tye on this skirt. I think if I sewed something it would be a big square bag! You definitely have a knack for this. :)