Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sewing Helper

It seems many in the sewing blog world having a sewing helper. Usually in the form of a cat, who likes to sleep on your fabric or cutting area. My cat never really even enters my sewing room.

However, my Chiweenie, Pandora is part helper, part criminal, and part distraction. She loves to hang out in the sewing room. She helps by reminding me to keep my area clean and free of loose pieces of fabric or stray pins. She is a criminal who also runs off with anything I do drop and a distraction because she is just sooo cute!

Do you have a sewing helper?


  1. Awwww its funny I was going to post a picture of my yorkie Sushi helping me with sewing instructions ie sitting on them or pulling them off the bed if a corner is hanging off. She too reminds me to keep the area clean but often her poop is very colorful lol

  2. What a cutie! God I just wanna smooch her. I like your pillow too! :) Pretty.