Thursday, September 8, 2011

CLOSET RE-IMAGINED (Purging and Planning)

My husband and I moved into our house last October, a few months before we were married. It was the first time I had to share my walk-in closet. I use the word share – very loosely – since my husband’s clothes take up barely ¼ of said closet.

It has been almost a year and I have accomplished two major closet purges resulting in huge bags of clothes that no longer fit, I no longer cared for, or because of job/lifestyle changes I no longer required.

The hardest thing for me to get rid of – The ball gowns that I wore every year to the Marine Corps Ball! Most of the gowns were way too fancy for the average Christmas party and took up a whole lot of closet space!

The Fall Palette Challenge got me thinking about the colors, fabrics, and types of clothing – that I really like to wear, and I realize that yet again there are items I need to purge to make room for what I really want.

I have also learned in the six months or so that I have been sewing the difference between quality of garments vs. quantity. I bought a lot of garments when I first got out of the Marine Corps to wear to work; pants of various neutral colors and plain colored button up shirts. I can’t say I was in love with any of these garments. They were just items that I had found for a reasonable price that made a reasonable work wardrobe. Most of these items are still sitting in my closet – it has been hard to purge such a reasonable basic item, but this weekend I am putting them in a box and leaving them in the hall closet! If I don’t touch them over the next several months maybe I’ll look for ways to refashion them and spice them up - or donate them.

The Plan – I have made a list of colors and fabrics I would enjoy wearing, and items I feel I need to purchase or make to turn my closet into my dream closet.
What about you? Do you have tips for organizing and purging your closet? Do you have a plan for what to purchase or make?

(The picture above is an Elfa closet system by the Container Store - isn't it lovely?)


  1. If only I could get my closet to look like that... with a leopard sofa.... and a wet bar

  2. LOL at Serenity! I've only had ridiculously tiny closets until now. Guess what I did? Filled it up with fabric. My jeans are sitting on top of a suitcase and the fabric is folded up nicely on the shelves. DJ actually takes up his entire half but he only uses one dresser draw. Like you I have a lot of basics and it is hard to purge those. I'm hoping once I turn all that fabric into actual GARMENTS then I can purge all that old stuff.

  3. Haha! It would be kind of nice to hang out in our closets surrounded by all of our pretty things!