Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Palette Challenge Mood Board

I have to say getting to this point of the challenge was hard work for me! First, I had never put together a mood board before and I am not an expert working inside paint which was the only program I could really find on my computer for putting these type of images together! But it really did getting me thinking about some important wardrobe questions - what do I really need more of in my closet? (think seperates)- what colors do I enjoy wearing? (yellow for sure)- Are there items/colors in my closet that I really do not wear (Brown - I will need to limit what I make with this color).

Second, I live in California and we really do not have an autumn season - it is more of an extension of summer - just a bit cooler! I have to say that thinking about fall made me home sick for Georgia were the leave change to all these beautiful bright colors of red, yellow, orange, and a bit of purple... and the air feels so crisp! View this picture at my father's flickr:

And my very last constraint, but perhaps the most important my budget! I wanted to use or pick as many of the projects as I could from fabrics that I already own since three of the patterns were going to be new!

So, here is the project list:
* 1 buttery yellow linen pencil skirt using Simplicity 2135 (all items in my stash)
* 1 creamy orange suiting pencil skirt using Simplicity 20135 (all items in my stash)
* 1 cream (silk blouse?) using Colette Patterns Jasmine (need to purchase both)
* 1 Sunny Yellow Dress with Chocolate Brown waistband using Colette Patterns Peony (have main fabric will need to purchase contrast and pattern)
* 1 pair of pants using Colette Patterns Clover (undetermined fabric need to purchase pattern)

That is 5 items in 8 week! All patterns are rated beginner so I am fairly certain I can finish all my patterns, but if anything does need to drop off the list it will probably be Clover! Pants do take some fitting and there has been talk of a sew along later on - plus it is the biggest investment in my budget!

Off to prep my cutting table!


  1. I love your mood board! Very pretty colors.

  2. I found the board a challenge myself, yours looks great.
    I used to live in Redlands....but am now in Northern Wi. and I found you through Collettes forum, looking forward to sewing together.