Friday, September 9, 2011

Garment 1 Complete: Fall Palette Challenge

My first garment from the fall Palette Challenge is complete - and ahead of schedule!! To be perfectly honest, I chose to do two pencil skirts to have the first one be practice for the Emma Pillsbury Orange skirt, but this skirt ended up way too nice to be called a practice skirt!

As stated in a previous post I used Simplicity 2315 Version C with a wool blend fabric. After getting past my initial confusion of sewing the back vent - the rest of the skirt was very easy and I only deviated from the pattern slightly. It wanted me to hand sew the sides of facing to the back of waistband as well as the bottom. Instead I stitched the sides of the facing to the waistband using the method described in Colette's Ginger pattern and then finished the bottom of the waistband with hand stitches.

It feels absolutely luxurious and I can't wait to wear it again!

PS sorry for the somewhat tired looking photo it was taken after work and after going grocery shopping.


  1. Your skirt is lovely. Congrats on the early completion, that must feel satisfying.

    I am impressed that you were willing to take this picture at all after grocery shopping. Grocery shopping, it.s like running the gauntlet right?

  2. My photographer (the husband) had to work today and I really wanted to get a post up of the skirt! So, I didn't have much of a choice - and I went to Costco so it was like running a gauntlet - hahah!