Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Palette Challenge - Garment #3

Pattern: Peony from Colette Patterns
Fabric: Kona Cotton Sunflower Yellow
Styled with: Zoya shoes from Just Fab.

First, I have to say I am totally in love with the Peony pattern!  The pattern sewed up so nicely and the instructions were amazingly clear.  I pretty much started the actual sewing on Friday and had a finished dress other than the belt by Monday. I have another lined up already, in a black pique.  The one thing I really want to change for this dress is the bodice facing.  You have a facing which you tack down to the armholes but other than that pretty much hangs freely.  I think I would prefer to line the bodice completely enclosing in all the darts and preventing the facing from potentially popping up.

I have to tell you I was somewhat skeptical of the fabric.  This was initially an online purchase gone wrong.  First they didn't have what I wanted in stock, and then when I went online to quickly pick out a substitute on my monitor the color looked like a nice buttery yellow.  It was named Sunflower yellow, so if I had really paid attention I probably wouldn't have made the mistake.  I ended up not using it for the intended pattern and added it to my somewhat small stash.

Since I am newer to sewing and on a budget I don't have an incredibly large stash, but when putting together my challenge ideas - I really tried to pick where I could from the stash and save the allotted spending money for must haves (like the new Colette patterns).

I realized Peony was a perfect match for this fabric because of the removable cummerbund style belt!  The belt serves as a perfect way to tone down the yellow fabric.  While pictured above you see only the yellow with and without a yellow belt.  My plan is to make a chocolate brown and/or a black belt that can be worn with the dress to hopefully tone the look down some.

I am not completely convinced this dress will get a whole lot of wear. But I do work for a Solar Panel manufacturing company and yellow is one of our signature colors - so perhaps a great motivational work outfit?

(PS this was supposed to be tomorrow (Thursday's post) but I am putting it up early)


  1. Greetings,
    What a lovely yellow dress! So fun with that bright pop of color and I totally think you should wear it to work. :)
    I just bought this pattern for making a dress for myself and your dress inspired me to get started on mine. Although, I am not so brave with color...I picked a gray wool, but I can add a bright belt. :)

    Thanks for posting about this! I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your other sewing creations.