Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update on Fall Challenge

For part of the Fall Palette Challenge I chose to do two pencil skirts one in a yellow twill and the other in orange suiting. I had ordered the yellow twill a few weeks back when a sale was going, and it didn't arrive because it was sold out! Part of the complication of buying fabric online. I found a lovely black/brown speckled wool blend to make up instead.

The wool blend is as soft as a cloud! And very pretty! I also can't recall every owning a wool skirt - or a pencil skirt - so I am pretty excited! I am using Simplicity 2315 for the pattern and it is sewing up so quick and easy - I almost can't believe it!

In fact, I gave myself a week a piece for both skirts and I am pretty sure I'll have them both done and photographed this weekend! So, stay tuned for my lovely fall skirts!

I am debating tweaking my fall plan a bit more because I am still waiting on my patterns that are on pre-order from Colette's and at this rate there will be a gap in my sewing! I am thinking I'll take the time to join Casey over at Elegant Musings ( in the Circle Skirt sewing along. I have a really beautiful buttery yellow chiffon that would look great for the fall if I could figure out what to line it with.

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  1. That's a shame about your yellow twill, but the wool blend sounds lovely. Looking forward to seeing your pencils skirts. I am trying a pencil skirt for the challenge as well, in a green wool.