Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Goals - Finishing the Fall Palette Challenge

My life has been pretty busy the past few weeks - mostly with work. But I am determined to be back on track this week with normal activities: sewing, knitting, and my back is finally feeling better so, it is back to the gym for weight training, cardio, and yoga! I can't wait to get back to regular fitness - it increases my energy allowing me to spend more time in the evenings moving between chores and crafts!

My goals for this month are pretty light, but I hope that you will enjoy following along! The first is to finish my fall palette challenge which includes a Jasmine blouse and a pair of Clover pants (both from Colette patterns). Colette patterns is hosting a Sew-Along which I am participating in to help us get the right fit on our pants. It is a month long process!

I will also be sewing a beautiful flowered linen dress from Vogue V8725 pictured here:

I also need to select my fabric and get going on my circle skirt from Casey'e Sew along! And then lastly, finish taping together the pattern for my Bombshell Dress from Gertie's- Sew Craftsy class.

And that is pretty much all for sewing - seems kind of light, but with the multiple fittings and adjustments on the pants - I am guessing I'll still be pretty busy!

Then for knitting I'll be completing the Crafty course Knit Lab and making a Lacy Key-hole scarf!

Any spare time from these projects will be going towards Christmas gifts and since the family follows along - I can't mention them here! I'll have to save pictures for a post Christmas review!

Stay tuned - later this week I'll be showing off my Ice blue Georgette Pendrell! I absolutely love it, but I need some sunshine to photograph in!

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