Monday, December 31, 2012

Year In Review - 2012

At the beginning of the year my goals were pretty simple:

1. To participate in both the Colette Patterns Spring and Fall challenges.

 Accomplished - There was not a fall challenge this year, but I did participate in the spring challenge.

2. To make my first jacket and first coat.

Accomplished  50%!   I did finish my first jacket, but my coat is still a pile of muslin in my sewing basket.  The coat will need to carry over into 2013.

3. To make my first quilt.

Accomplished 50%!  I was able to complete the quilt top, but will now need to complete the final steps in 2013.

4. To knit my first cardigan.

This goal got completely lost in my memory!

I did finish 20 items ranging from Star Wars pajama pants for my husband, lots of pretty dresses, and a pretty polka dot jacket.  I figure considering I had a six month hiatus caused by overload at work that this isn't a bad haul.

I think I will keep my goals for 2013 simple as well, but aim to look back at them during certain points of the year to remind myself of what the goals are and why I set them in the first place.

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