Friday, December 28, 2012

Fabric Friday

I am not much of a winter gal.  Maybe that is because I live in Southern California where it never really feels like winter.  As soon as fall is over, I am ready to put away the coats and long sleeves away and begin dreaming of spring. 

I am guessing that is why I am already dreaming of pastels and springy fabrics. 

The top print is a Nani Iro and would make such a pretty blouse!  I really need more separates in my wardrobe!

I am a big sucker for red and pink color combinations. The second print is something I would not normally gravitate towards, but wouldn't this make a gorgeous blouse or dress - maybe even for Valentine's day. 

I am determined to sew up some of my stash before I purchase anymore fabric, but if these are still around in the next few months they just may be calling my name.

What are your current fabric inspirations?


  1. I recently bought some charmeuse with a print similar to the second one. Like you, it's not something I'd normally go for but I liked it on sight. I was going to make a flowy top, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe a dress. It has a nice drape.