Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Permanent Bandaids

When my husband and I purchased our home about 2 years ago we realized the lovely built-in shown above did not have doors and looked unfinished.  We searched the local hardware stores for "off the shelf" cabinet doors that could be purchased. 

We were unable to find any and had to turn to the Internet.  We did find a company that sold doors that you would need to paint and install yourself - no problem - right?  Well, one thing led to another and we put the doors on hold.  The first time we had company over I draped a large curtain over the area (not pictured here) so at least what was being stored in the cabinets wasn't showing.  This two years later was a somewhat permanent bandaid that had yet to go away for something nicer looking.  It is funny how life gets the best of you and find that something that seemed so easy - just didn't get done.

Well, we hosted our first ever Thanksgiving for the family and wanted to have the nice cabinet doors installed and ready to go.  No more procrastinating for us!  Well, being a buyer you think I have originally paid attention to the lead time for fabrication. It was eight weeks and I only had two weeks till Thanksgiving.

We still wanted something nicer than the old curtain.  So, what you see above is my "fix" - maybe another permanent bandaid- hahha! I went to Joann's and got some nice coordinating home decorator fabrics.  They match a wine rack and candle holder that we received as a gift when we got married.  It is sort of hard to make out in the photos but the middle fabric has all the colors.
To provide the desired sturdiness I cut two squares about an inch all around larger than the holes in the built and basically made double sided squares which then were applied with double sided sticky Velcro (extra strong - works like a charm).  This gives the cabinet and the room a much nicer appeal and still allows access to the hordes of video games we have collected!

This was so simple and my very happy with the results!  It is amazing what a little fabric and thread can do! 

PS.  I believe this post will officially mark my return to blogging and spending a bit more time doing the things I love.  This year I spend a lot of time at work and the rest of the time just being too tired.  I am determined to try to ensure a better work-life balance for 2013!  I have missed all of you - so I hope you have missed me too!


  1. "It is funny how life gets the best of you and find that something that seemed so easy - just didn't get done."

    Story of my life!!!

    I think your idea is a good one. Way more fun than plain doors.

    1. Right! If I had a dollar for every idea I had that I didn't get to set in motion! I am really liking the idea of the cloth panels as well - I was thinking it would be fun to change them up if I was having a party or family get togeter so much you can do when they aren't permanent!