Friday, December 21, 2012

Fabric Friday

Awhile back when I was blogging more regularly I had just started Fabric Friday posts.  These posts were fabric that I had found in a store or online that caught my eye.  Maybe I decided to buy it or maybe it was on the wish list.

This Friday I am showing a pale blue lace from my local fabric store Baron's.  They are the place to go for fashion / designer fabrics.  I really need to take a picture next time I am there!

The Mr. allowed me as part of my Christmas gift to go to Baron's and buy myself some pretty fabrics.  He knew I was taking some much needed time of work between the two holidays and might find some time to sew. 

While there I noticed they had a table of these One of a Kind Sample cuts. These sample cuts are one of a kind pieces (usually about 3 yards) given to fashion designers from fabric companies to make up their samples.  My fabric store is able to get their hands on some and offer them at really nice prices.

So, even though I was there with a few specific things in mind (wool for making a pencil skirt, a nice silk for a portrait blouse and a double knit for the bow-tied blouse all from Gertie's book of course!), I saw a few of these that I just couldn't pass up.

I am thinking the blue lace would be great for making the Chantilly lace version of the Portrait blouse in Gertie's book.  Sadly, my fabric does not have a scallop edge, but I am thinking I might be able to gently cut around the scallops at the bottom.

Do you have a place that sells samples like these or a local fabric store you just love to go into?


  1. I love lace. I think it's one of my favorite things to work with ever. Sadly, the few fabric stores near here are pathetic. I mostly shop online. I find a lot of my vintage scores on etsy though.

  2. I have found some good stuff on etsy too! I guess I am lucky that I have this shop in the area other than that it is quilting stores and Joann's unless you brave downtown.