Thursday, May 3, 2012

SPC - Hazel #2

Have I mentioned enough how much I love the Hazel dress pattern?  I think I am just going to consider it my summer stash buster. I don’t have a large stash but I am trying to keep it fairly small due to my home’s space constraints.  I am thinking a handful of special fabrics that I can’t resist and maybe the next couple months’ worth of projects.  I had bought some small yardage of cute cottons when I first started making garments and this would be a perfect way to use a few of them up.

I saw this fabric on Gertie’s blog and had to have it!  I was so excited that Paron’s in New York would allow me to mail order it!  I didn’t really do any embellishing allowing the gorgeous fabric to pretty much speak for itself, but I do have some great accessories to pair with it.  My photographer cut off my feet (shame on Mr.) or you would have noticed super cute, green wedges that look great, as it stands you can just barely notice the green strap, but I promise they are great!

This is my fifth completed item for the Spring/Summer Palette challenge.  I can’t believe I am so far long along already! Next up is my second pair of shorts in a pale pink! 

Have you been following other bloggers participating in SPC?  Here are a few of my favorite finished items for you to check out.

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  1. Beautiful! You really do sew fast. Even after all this time it takes me forever to make something.

    That skirt I hadn't really thought about adding it to the new line but maybe I will after all.