Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Candy Pink Ginger Skirt

This pretty, pink Ginger skirt has been sitting in my sewing room waiting to be finished for a couple months now... wait I take that back it was finished!  I even wore it once!  However, the zipper broke and I ended up having to take apart the waistband, and rip out the zipper to put in a new one.  Then it sat there waiting for me to do some cleanup and hand stitching.  I guess with all that extra work I sort of lost my steam, and wasn't so excited about the skirt anymore.  But here it is - as good as ever and just in time to wear with my Spring Palette items!


  1. That waistband is awesome! I love how you put that whole outfit together.

    I guess I should give up the clear straps for out of doors then. :/ Maybe I'll add straps to the dress I have...

  2. Cute skirt! It looks great with that blouse!

  3. So gorgeous, especially with that top! I never could get the Ginger to work for me, so jealous. :D