Monday, April 30, 2012

Update on SPC/Sew Colette

Here I am wearing my third and fourth completed items for the Spring Palette Challenge!  The Iris shorts and Taffy blouse.  I originally thought to pair them together, but due to some difficulties mentioned below - I just don't think they pair well.

For the Taffy blouse which is also part of the Sew Colette Sew Along, I tried something out of the box.  The pattern calls for very lightweight fabrics like chiffon and charmeuse, but I really wanted something a bit more casual and summery to go with the shorts.  I ended up choosing a light weight cotton with yellow polka dots and finishing it with white bias tape.  Due the fabric choice the blouse is a little stiffer than my previous flowy version and doe snot have as much stretch.  However, it fits what I wanted to accomplish- it is still light, summery, and super.  As I mentioned, after getting both pieces together I just didn't like the way they paired together, but this blouse will be great with jeans (like the picture above or several of the cute skirts I have in my closet.

For the Iris shorts, I kept it simple with a stretch, yellow twill and made version A without the buttons.  I was a little afraid when I received the fabric that it might have too much stretch, but it was so soft and comfortable against the skin and too tempting not to give a chance.  Well, there is too much stretch, but in a weird way, instead of getting "hot pants" I got sad saggy pants! That is one of the reason that I just don't think it looks well with the crisp Taffy blouse. I think these will be more of a pair of house or gardening shorts than for wearing out, but a lesson learned!

The pattern was wonderfully simple to follow.  I thought the pocket area might end up being complicated, but it really wasn't, and I am looking forward to adding buttons or piping to one of the later versions.

Next up in for the SPC challenge, my second Hazel dress.

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  1. I really love the top. The shorts are not saggy! They look good to me. :)