Thursday, April 26, 2012

Craftsy Block of the Month - April

This month's Craftsy blocks used the English paper piecing method. I really enjoyed making these blocks but due to the large amount of hand sewing they took a long time!  I couldn't really imagine making a whole quilt using this method right now!  Maybe someday or working on a few blocks every couple months!

The first block pictured was the second block in the course and the instructor made a sunshine and had it titled Sunny with a chance of Hex.  She urged us to branch out and make our own design if we wanted.  I decided that since I had this tree like fabric (she had a grass border) that I would do trees reaching up towards some bluesy clouds.   It kind of reminds me of rain - something we really need here in California!

For the second block pictured we were to stitch these straight up and down on the side of one of the blocks.  However, my mother in-law stitched hers like I stitched mine above going across the quilt.  I stole her idea as I liked how it took up more of the background of the quilt!

Stay tuned for next month and our wonky log cabin blocks!  Also, it isn't too late to join in - Craftsy is still offering this course for free! And it is great for first time quilters (this is my first quilt)!

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  1. I love the branch print fabric so pretty.

    Thanks for the comment. I usually don't post things like that and I think I'll delete it. It's beneath me. The whole situation was beneath me :/. I should have just left quietly. But I do appreciate your thoughts on it.