Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mint Truffle

Pictured above is the third garment (March - I am a little late) in the Sew Colette Sew Along and the first finished garment of the Spring/Summer Palette Challenge.  I blogged about my plan for the SPC here.

I absolutely love the way this dress came together!  For the fabric I used a soft, light weight cotton I bought while on a trip to Portland.  I wish you could see the detail in the pictures.  It is a beautiful mint green with white polka dots!  It is fairly sheer so I had to line the dress in a white cotton batiste.  This was my first time completely lining a dress and since the pattern didn't call for it - I followed the instructions for lining the bodice and sort of winged how to add in the skirt portion.  The instructions for this dress are so simple and easy to follow!

The dress feels great on and is going to be a favorite - I can tell already. I did notice after the pictures the straps are a little loose on my shoulders and there is some gaping in the back bodice.  Do any of you more experienced people know what the fit problem might be?  Maybe I need to do an SBA, but would that affect the room in the back or just the fit for the front?  I am finally at the point in my sewing that things like this are starting to become noticeable.  I guess it is time to find some good fit resources.

Next up for the Spring/Summer Challenge the Pink and White striped Hazel Dress!


  1. Love love love...what a great color!

  2. Very pretty! I'm not sure what the fit issue may be, but I'm finding Fit For Real People to be an invaluable resource as I try to learn about fitting. I don't follow the tissue fitting technique in the book, but it is an encyclopedia of fitting issues and how to alter the pattern pieces for those issues. Good luck!

  3. Hey Jessica, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you like it. I plan on making one change to it that will make it fit better. But yeah it's been pretty hot here where I live. The jacket is about a medium 36-38 in bust. But this will be available in other sizes soon too.