Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welcome to my Home! (Pillow Shams)

Welcome to my Home or at least my living room.  One of the projects I have had on my list was to cover these pillows I had bought several years back at Pier One but had since married and redecorated in something that fit both our styles.

My husband who is a muscian after his 9-5 day is completed, takes an active interest in how I decorate the house.  I wasn't use to that, and while finding something to compromise on sometimes takes  more time than desired.  We are usually both pleased with the outcome.  The end product is that our living room is a little bit rock and roll with little tiny subtle splashes of girliness thrown in. 

For the pillow covers we choose a black fabric with grey music symbols and a grey artsy fabric and the blue with birds (my pick).  I was a little unsure how they would all turn out but I am pretty pleased!  The back room you see in the distance is the dining room (which is a different color scheme).

 Another view of the pillows and the living room.  And below is a close up of the black and grey pillows.
The project was pretty easy to put together!  I cut one square for each pillow the exact measurements of the pillow plus a 4/8" seam allowance and then for the back of the pillow I calculated what 3/4 of the square size would be and then 1/4 adding in seam allowance all around.  They are shams that can conveniently be pulled off and washed (the same reason we have a couch cover with our dogs we need to be able to conveniently wash things) and secured in the back with velcro.

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  1. Love the gray fabric. Nice choices!

    I've never refashioned shoes before. It should be interesting to see how they come out.