Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Un-Healthy Obsession

Have any of you seen this absolutely adorable dress from Modcloth?  I have to admit to a love affair with this dress that is bordering on obsession.  I mean polka dots and sundaes on the same fabric - it is so cute - it should be a crime!  However, the dress has a slightly steep price tag for such a simple silhouette.

My creativity started flowing and I found the fabric below.  Which I also found out comes in white with the blue polka dots.  Part of me wants to go out and snag this fabric as fast as I can!  But then, it isn't the same cute pink from above and then I start to think why a 30 year old woman wants to be wearing ice cream sundaes.  Am I too old for cute?

What do you think?  Would you go for the dress or go for one of the fabric selections OR possibly say no all together?


  1. Hey if you're too old for cute than so am I! Last I checked though I'm not... Clothes should make You happy. That's how I feel anyway. :)