Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lavender and Cream Pastille

Pictured above is my finished Pastille dress for the February portion of the Sew Colette challenge.  About halfway through the construction of this garment - I was pretty much ready to give up.  I had convinced myself that I really didn't like the style of the dress, the fabric was a poor fit, and that it was just going to look sloppy.

However, I was determined to finish it just so it wouldn't become a UFO.  So, on I went...  the first issue were the sleeve facings.  They looked horrible!  I thought about recutting them and redoing them but I just really didn't like them.  I finally decided to finish the sleeves with bias tape instead.  The only color I had a full pack of was lavender - so that is what I used.

The second issue was the pleats at the bottom of the dress.  Somewhere along the line all my markings had faded.  I could attempt to re-trace them from the pattern - or guess on lining them up properly, but neither of those options made me happy either!  So, I decided to do something I never do!  I hemmed the skirt with my machine and then placed a strip of bias tape over the hemline.  I figured I need someway to tie the bias tape into the theme and look of the dress or the sleeves would just look odd.

Finally at the finish line I tried the dress on and it was suggested to me by the husband no less, that I should also trim the waist, and there you have it - a dress I really do love despite the earlier comments.  I guess sometimes you have to fail to achieve success.

Next up for the Sew Colette challenge.... the Truffle dress.

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  1. The mark of an excellent seamstress is ingenuity! I think it looks great.