Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Next Six Months - My Sewing Plan

As I mentioned I am ready to take action and spend more time doing and less time day-dreaming about doing. To accomplish this I need to have a plan and be ready to take actions when I actually have time to sew.This is my plan for the next six months.

Caught On A Whim on Pinterest.

January: Simple Peplum top - Not only do I need more beautiful tops that are comfortable and pretty but this also helps accomplish the goal of actually doing something with the inspiration I find on Pinterest (that is where I stumbled across this tutorial). This is a very simple pattern, but I am hoping to squeeze in some time finish off some WIP's I have on my sewing table as well (one top that needs just a zipper and another that needs some hand stitching at the collar). I have fabric for up to three variations if I can find time for them all.

February: I purchased the Colette Cinnamon slip dress pattern last year during Valentine's day thinking it would be a great time to sew up a beautiful slip dress that could be used as lounge-wear. I already have the fabric and everything.

March: Blue Ginger Doll Mae Blouse - This is a good selection for me because it is another simple yet beautiful blouse patterns and gives me the chance to try pattern company that I haven't tried before. I will have to purchase this pattern, but I am hoping I can use some fabrics from my stash.

April: Open - I have some ideas for this already, but I also know that a new pattern could come out that I might really want to make right away. So, I am keeping this open while I work on the other items to give me some flexibility.

May: Craftsy Flirty Day Dress - I have already purchased the fabric and the class.

June: WIP Reserve or Quilt - I already have a few WIP's from last year that need to be finished. I am going to try to squeeze them in between these other projects, but if that doesn't happen or I fall behind in my five patterns from the first half of the year I will take this time to complete them. If by some miracle I do not have any WIPs to work on and am doing great on this challenge I will work on the quilt this month and move the WIP month to the next round.

Instead of setting a bunch of rules for myself that might take the fun out of the creation process I am going to be easier on myself and say that if I get to February and I don't feel like creating Cinnamon that month I could switch it with another month in this set. However, I will do my best to keep the patterns chosen and the goal the same unless I find for some reason that pattern doesn't work on (ie. I am half-way through my wearable muslin and I know there is some reason the pattern is going to be something I'll wear once finished). That is the plan! I hope you enjoy following along - I am off to get started!


  1. I love this idea! I'm totally creating a monthly to do list instead of just a numbered list for when I get to it... :)

  2. Smart idea mapping everything out like this. I should do the same! I just need to work around custom orders...