Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pencil Case

Back in August when I was starting Fall semester I posted about a few things I would like to make for school. One of them was this cute bow-tie pencil case that I found on Pinterest.  I finally got around to it just in time for this semester!  Here it is!

I will tell you that I did find the tutorial for this slightly confusing and ended up after installing the zipper sort of going rogue.  In the end, all worked out for the best and I have a finished pencil case.  One other thing to note is that the pattern comes with the ability to make the bow on both ends which I didn't use.  In that case you cut the pattern out centered on the fabric and it uses up a lot of fabric.  I ended up using just two fat quarters for mine which is much more conservative.  I extended the pattern by 3.5" and cut it out of each fat quarter separately and then used the scraps of one for the lining (with ample scraps left over).  However, if you were going to do it this way and wanted both sides the same you will need a half yard of the main fabric (or at least slightly over a 1/4 yard) and 1/4  yard or at least a large scrap for the contrast lining.

I was able to fit three mechanical pencils, a refill container of lead, a large eraser, four pens, and five highlighters into this little case (it is filled with all of this in the pictures).  Despite the contents it is still rather compact but cute to carry and it sure beats the plastic ziplock bag I used for the first semester.  I kind of became known as the person who always had an extra pen, pencil, or highlighter if you found yourself without.  At least now I won't cringe inside about having to pull out my pencil case.  Isn't that bow adorable?

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  1. That is really cute and it came out great. It's nice to see one of us getting things done!