Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Owl Sleep Better Tonight

It is been quite chilly here in Southern California lately, I would even say cold but then much of the rest of the Northern Hemisphere would probably laugh. Silly California girl!

I found that my closet is seriously lacking warm pajamas and began stealing borrowing the Star Wars pants that I made for my husband.  I really wanted to make some pajama pants for myself, but couldn't find a suitable length of fabric in my stash that I wanted to turn into pajamas. 

My husband's parents did give me the cute sleepy owl fabric picture above last Christmas.  However, it was only one yard which isn't nearly enough for pants.  So, I got creative and combined it with the pink cotton above to make a night gown.

While this isn't as warm as pants would be it is super cute and manages to be warm enough for now. For the pattern I used Butterick B5653  which as it claims if fast and easy, but cut a few corners in areas that I didn't expect such as the straps being whip stitched on in the front to the lining instead of being sandwiched between the layers and sewn in.  I sort of wish I had just done it that way myself instead of following the instruction.  Next time. 

Also, the pattern is sizes Small, Medium, Large etc. and has enough ease to pull over the head.  While it is just pajamas - this doesn't make for the best figure flattering fit.  I believe I could go a size down and still have ample room.  I will have to try that.

I plan to make the top and pajama bottoms at some point.  Since I don't have fabric and I am trying to do stash projects first this will have to be on the back burner for now.

PS - Yay! I finally got a dress form!

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