Thursday, January 3, 2013

Craftsy Block of the Month - September

The September blocks for Craftsy Block of the Month were all about curved piecing.  I really enjoyed putting these blocks together, but it was not without its challenges. 

Sewing a curved seam is all about precision and easing your two fabric pieces into each other.  I cut a couple extra and luckily worked the kinks of the process which involved some finger pressing of the two fabrics to help with the easing and strategic pinning.  I also pulled out my dress makers pins though I mostly use extra fine pins anyways which helps if I get carried away and don't remove them as I am sewing.

The cooling thing about quilting blocks is since everything is in miniature they are a good place to practice skills you can use on garments.  I sort of struggled in the past with curved seams on dresses.  I am looking forward to some pretty awesome curved seams in the future!

Only one month of blocks left to go and then I can show off my quilt top!  It is exciting to have learned so many skills and come so far over the past year.


  1. That looks awesome. I love the first one. I always wondered, as someone who has done both quilting and garments which do you find more difficult?

    1. That is a difficult questions, I find either can be as simple or as difficult as you make them and both will probably help you with the other. Since I consider myself a garment sewer first and a quilter second I tend to relate that the quilting is making the other beter, but I wonder if that could be considered in the reverse too.

      Even though my answer is sort of vague, I will tell you that quilting scared me. There were too many pieces and too much of a need to be accurate. What I am finding to be true is that there can be a lot of pieces, but there doesn't have to be. You do need to be accurate but there is techniques and such that help with that. I am finding it is easier than I lead myself to believe.