Monday, December 5, 2011

Final Post for Fall Palette Challenge

The Fall Palette Challenge was not completely successful for me. I finished 4 out of the 5 garments, but produced one that I will never wear.

My lessons learned from the challenge were plenty! First, I was not totally open with myself on what I would wear vs. what I wouldn't. I wanted to stay on a budget and use fabric I already owned. I ended up using a very bright yellow that I bought through an online purchase that I knew wasn't what I wanted.

I was constantly waiting on patterns or waiting on fabric which resulted in me either being way behind scheduled or way ahead of schedule. Then work got too busy and I just wasn't able to concentrate on my sewing as much as I had liked. I ended up working on and finishing some items that were not part of my challenge but then did not complete the entire challenge either.

The positive side is that I made several fall items that I have already worn again and again! I got a lot of practice in tracing patterns and making adjustments to the patterns to fit my body and practiced finishing my garments nicely. All in all I am ready to attack the Spring challenge when it arrives with even more enthusiasm.

The cream corduroy clovers pictured above were the final item I made towards the fall challenge. They are super comfortable and I can't wait to make more clover pants!

The construction was a breeze especially since I left the pockets out. I keep searching for them - so, the next pair I am definitely going to add them back in. I can't wait to make the Capri version for Spring and some wool version for the cooler months!

The top is an Ice blue Georgette Pendrell blouse that I made in between the challenge items. It was my first time sewing with silk and it took a lot longer to put this blouse together than my previous cotton version. This is another item I would love to make again and again!

Later this week I'll be posting my first completed item from the Colette Sewing Handbook!

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