Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Time Bowl Covers

Project: Bowl Covers
Fabric: K. Fassett Fat Quarters
Bowls:  Crate and Barrel Parker Bowls (no longer available)

Bowl covers are super easy to make and perfect for summer time picnics, barbecues and other get togethers.  I love that you can essentially make your table setting beautiful while protecting your food from flies and maybe even deter little impatient fingers.

These are simple to make and can be adaptable to any bowl size.  You might notice the green bowl is drowning just a little, I really made that bowl cover for a large white plastic bowl that I have.  It is the most common one I take to potlucks because I really won't cry if I lose it, well maybe a little I have had it a long time.  However, I thought it would photograph better with my Parker Bowls and I really intend to make a bowl cover for every one them eventually as I use up scraps and bits of fabric that compliment the bowls.

In other summer time news, BIG NEWS, my Plumeria plant is blooming!!  My husband's family has a lot of households that have a plumeria or two and there seems to be a friendly competition of who can get their plumeria to bloom.  While they survive quite well in California they are really more of a tropical plant and a can be a little finicky with it's blooms.  We lost one completely over the winter, but with much luck and lots of TLC the survivor bloomed!!

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