Friday, August 17, 2012

Sewing Room Makeover

My sewing room is in desperate need of some organization and some on the walls to make it feel prettier.  That coupled with the fact that I have been loosing weight and do not really want to jump into garment sewing again until I have reached a plateau, has pushed this to the front of my list of things to do.

                                                                        image source

First up on my list is a fabric covered cork board from the Liberty Book of Home Sewing.  I plan to do a solid background with a patterned bias tape running across it.

I would also like to make the machine apron and organizer from McCalls 5871 (for carrying any hand sewing activities around).

Also, an ironing board cover - I have McCalls 6051 but I have also seen tutorials out on the web.

Lastly, I would like to install some nice thread racks.  This one matches my craft table, but I might also try the DIY method and paint some cheaper ones.

That will at least be a start and then I need to organize the storage space! I still need to decide on colors and of course it wouldn't be a makeover if I didn't show you before pictures!

 Are any of you working on any office or home decor projects right now?


  1. I need to redo my cork board too. The machine apron organizer is a good idea. I might add that to my list.

    when I say 5 projects, I mean 5 more. The waste basket doesn't really count. But I know I'm up to it!

  2. Hey Jessica, we've both been pretty busy huh? I guess you could say I'm one of those people who feels if you can't do something really well why do it at all? I know I don't have the most exciting blog...but I don't think I'll ever stop completely. Thanks for the comment. It's nice to know someone is still reading!

  3. Thanks for the comment Jessica. How is your sewing room coming along? I've done pretty much nothing, but I do have a lot of materials just sitting around. I'll have to find the time soon...

  4. Thanks for the comment. I'm not giving up or anything just putting things on hold. I really don't see us staying here. My husband was going to take over the lab he works at but now for him, like me, it will be impossible to run a business here in california. :/

    I thought my prices were actually on the low end for cusotm work, but the fact that I haven't had any orders in a while is proof of something I guess. Either way I'm done giving a huge chunk of the money I do make to a government that consistently wastes it.

    BTW this is a new blog. This was the name I picked for the new line, which will have to wait. In the meantime though I finally have time for all those projects!

  5. I sew patches on thier ranger/lifeguard etc uniforms. Super glamorous right? Actually I don't mind it at all and they pay well. I'm happy to have the job.

    How's your sewing room makeover going? I haven't done a thing since I first started! I hope to have time to get to something this week though.

  6. Hope I'm not overwhelming you here but I have another blog award for you!