Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I have been a little hesitant to start a blog wondering when I would find the time for regular updates, and who would read it? But I find myself wanting to share more and more my experiences and musings of learning to sew, body image, fashion, and even fitness.

I kept thinking - I'll just post this to facebook - then I realized that not everyone on my facebook friends list wants to hear my thoughts on fashion or view my latest handiwork on sewing.

So, here I am at SewLaugh - writing to say Hello! I hope you will be able to enjoy hearing my thougts and snippets of creative - and hopefully at some point - I'll be able to share tutorials and provide inspiration to others!

To kick off my brand new blog - I have joined Colette Patterns Fall Sewing Palette Challenge - you can find the initial post for that here: www.colettepatterns.com! And I hope to be posting my color board and plan in the next few days!

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